Web Tool of the Week: QR Codes

Assignment Due: 08Nov15

So What are QR Codes:

Click on the picture or link to view QR Codes explained by Common Craft
qr code video.png

QR Codes or (Quick Response Codes) are appearing everywhere - from magazines, various retail environments for digital marketing purposes, clothes, business card, mailers, I even saw one on my billing statements!
To scan/view these QR Codes, you simply download a free app to your smartphone. i-nigmainsignia.png my favorite ones but of course there are a slew of others which will do the trick. Once downloaded, you point your phone's camera to the QR Code and scan. The QR Code is very versatile as it will allow you to create QR Codes for the following:
  • Plain Text
  • URL / Web Address
  • Contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses, etc)
  • Calendar Events
  • SMS / Text Details ( includes your number and a short text)
  • WiFi Network
So now that you have a QR Code reader, what do you use to create these codes? There are many QR Code Generators and most of them overall are pretty good. Please visit my delicious bookmarks to learn more about these QR Codes Generators.

You probably are thinking...How can this be used in the classroom?

There are numerous ways to integrate QR Codes in the classroom to engage your students. Please visit my delicious bookmarks on QR Codes in the Classroom or My Pinterest board: Qrazy for QR Codes: to see how teachers are utilizing this wonderful app tool!


  • Download a QR Code reader to your smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone, please check with your campus faciltiator to see if you could borrow an itouch to complete this assignment.
  • After viewing/reading ways teachers have utilized QR Codes in the classroom, How could you utilize QR Codes in your classroom? Please submit your ideas (choose the text option in a QR Code Generator) in a QR Code and post it on this wiki page.

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