Chapter 5:

RSS: The New Killer App for Educator:

This past July, Google Reader was discontinued. A true disappointment as the functuality was so user-friendly. However, I will provide alternatives to use other than Google Reader. But first, what is a RSS Reader?

Please view the below video, RSS in Plain English by Common Craft.

I have to admit, when I first heard about RSS feeds 5 1/2 years ago, I was clueless on how to use it and if it was really worth my time. But after viewing the above video, reading this chapter, setting up and utilizing the RSS Feed Reader, I am amazed how valuable this tool can be. Following the author’s suggestion, I (initially) subscribed to only 10 feeds - ranging from some of my favorite blogs to other topics of interests. Now with over 80 feeds, my RSS Reader is a time savor!

How do you use RSS feeds in the classroom? On pages 77-82, Will Richardson mentions several ways to use RSS feeds. Also, please visit the below Delicious sites on ways to use RSS in the classroom:

Alternative(s) to Google Reader:

As mentioned, Google Reader was discontinued; I now utilize the reader,, which is a very good alternative to Google Reader. I will be providing directions on how to set a Feedly account but of course you can peruse through other alternatives to use.

Assignments: Due Monday, 22Oct13

  • Please set up a RSS Feed Reader using either: Feedly . or another type of aggregator.
  • I will be providing directions on how to set up a Feedly Reader as this is what I use and it is easy to use.
  • You will need to use Chrome for the Feedly feeder. If you do not have Chrome on your home computer, you may download it free here. Please view the first 1:03 minutes of the below video to download Feedly through the Chrome store:

  • Once downloaded, please follow the below video to set up and add content to your Feedly.
  • Subscribe to at least (4) four RSS Feeds of your interest (personally or professionally). In the above video, I do ask you to subscribe to Techie-Bytes and Free Technology For Teachers. Another great one is Technology Tailgate!
  • Bookmark/add to your desktop, your RSS Feed Reader and make a habit to visit it often (at least once or twice a week) for the duration of this book study. You will need to document that you are trying to use your RSS Feeder by uploading a screenshot to your documentation page. Please click on the 0_Documentation link (on the navigation bar to the left) to see how to do this.

Web 2.0 Tools of the Week: Padlet (formally WallWisher) Linoit, Primary Wall, and Blabberize


  • Please view the below video on how to use Padlet.

  • Also please visit my delicious bookmarks on more Wallwisher links..
  • Please read their blog post about Padlet's new look. This link is Padlet's Knowledge Base where you can find everything about Padlet.


Please view the below YouTube on How to use Linoit.

Primary Wall:

Love this one too!
primary wall.png



If the above does not work correctly, please visit this linkto view.
  • Please view the above Blabberize.
  • Post/add two (2) specific ideas/ways (to the below Linoit) on how you could utilize Blabberize in the classroom?

  • Please visit my Delicious Blabberize bookmarks for more links on this program.

Visit the links from Chapter 5: Please know some of these links may be blocked at school.