Fall 2013: Chapter 7: Fun with Flickr

Please view the video from Common Craft: Online Photo Sharing in Plain English.

As you may have read, Flickr has vast possibilities for classroom use such as virtual field trips, digital storytelling projects, slide shows and powerpoints, digital student portfolios and more. Here is a link to take a tour about Flickr. Another great resource is Flickr Storm. Please view the following videos on TeacherTube to learn more.

FlickrStorm Tutorial Part 1, 2 3 - (very short).

Although the author does not mention this in his book, Picasa is the Google version of Flickr. This online photo sharing site is robust like Flickr and like the social bookmarks, this too, may come down to personal preference.

Please view/read over these following sites:



Picasa vs Flickr:

Assignments for Chapter 7: Due 02Dec13

Will Richardson surmises that, "Flickr is a great tool for introducing students not only to digital images and publishing, but also to the social conversations and collaborative-learning opportunities that the Web now offer."

Explore both Flickr and Picasa. For this assignment, you will post your responses using the Web 2.0 tool of either a Voki, GoAnimate, or Blabberize, Please choice one YOU HAVE NOT USED (i.e. Voki, Blabberize, GoAnimate,) for this assignment.

You will embed your assigned project on the Chapter 7 Web 2.0 - Discussion Projects. Click here on how to use these various presentation tools and how to embed them into Wikispaces.

Discussion Questions to Answer:
  • Which one did you like/prefer the most and why?
  • What benefits do you see using Flickr or Picasa in your classroom?
Please make an effort to listen to the comments of the other participant's projects.

2.0 Web Tools of the Week to Visit:
  • LiveBinder
  • Big Huge Lab
  • Smore
  • Cool Tools For School
  • Please consider registering for a Linoit account (Checkout this blog post about this GREAT tool) then post to the Linoit below (or click on this direct link) on which application/Web 2.0 tool (one from each of the aforementioned sites - Please see my examples.) could you apply into your curricula? . Please make sure to add your name at the end of the post if you do not sign up for an account. Please note...if you use this in your classroom, student do not need to register for an account.
  • Also, please read some of the other comments written by former book study participants. A wealth of resources here!!!
  • You will need to make a comment about all ALL 4 sites.


Links from Chapter 7